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Why so long…

June 18, 2010

Why did it take me so long to embrace this aspect of social media?  Good question. There are several explanations but I’m not going to get into most of them.  Simplest to say, I just wasn’t ready yet.  I know (now) that my discourse here will only help my career and my writing in general.  I’m a pretty good writer BUT I’ve been taking a bit of a vacation from it lately.  So there’s no substitute for simply doing something so here goes.

Like right now. Not particularly inspired at all to write. However, I’m very very inspired to get started. As much as I used to be “Ready. Fire! Aim.” and now I’m “Ready. Ready. Steady. Steady.  Aim. Aim…” I’m quite serious about this little exercise.


Here we go.


Coming soon! And by coming soon, I mean later tonight.

June 16, 2010

Finally taking the plunge – first post(s) come tonight.  Plagiarists? You’re welcome.